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online website scanner - cyber security test  

Article   25 Nov 2020 a free security website for everyone. Do you have an online application and do you want to know if is save or contain some security vulnerabilities? In this moment nothing easyer/ Just type on your browser and click on website scanner button , write your website name and in less than 1 minute do you have a free report about your security issues. This step is very important because exist posibility to have some issues and in this case a hacker can exploit your website and get sensitive information about your website. After that he can modify your website and get full access of your server.

To eliminate this scenario, we recommendly strongly to check your online application with this tool (accordinf with GDPR, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS). This tool checl some vulnerability like XSS, SQLi, LFI or RFI and other kind of security issues. This tool is a Romanian tool one hundred percetage. After scanning you can check a big database of vulnerabilities list. Why they show this? because if you have some knowladge about cyber security, you can check if you website contain some bugs from that exploits list.

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